How to Treat Hearing Loss

How to Treat Hearing Loss

How you treat a Hearing Loss depends on the type and source of your hearing loss. Prompt medical treatment for sudden hearing loss may raise your chance of recovery.  
Following options may be explored for treating a hearing loss :

  • Surgery may reverse hearing loss caused by otosclerosis, scar tissue, or infection.
  • Antibiotics can often clear up hearing loss caused by infection.
  • Changing medications may help, if you think your hearing loss stems from one you’re taking. Talk with your doctor about different drug options.
  • Removing ear wax with suction or a small looped tool can reverse hearing loss caused by a blockage.
  • A hearing aid helps most people with permanent hearing loss. You typically wear these tiny instruments in or behind your ear to make sounds louder.
  • Other sound-enhancing technologies that may improve your hearing include personal listening systems that allow you to tune in to what you want to hear and mute other sounds. TV-listening systems make it possible for you to hear the television or radio without turning up the volume.
  • Cochlear implants are used mainly with young children, but they're becoming more popular among older adults with profound hearing loss.

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